November’s Here Already?!

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So I said i’ll post “next month” and it’s here already…SO FAST…2 more months and it’s bye bye 2008, hello 2009..I’ll be in Sem2, turning 20 (yay! hehe..) and having a nice month of holiday as the start of my much nicer can it be? *smiles* so well anyways, now that I’m still in 2008, i shall come back to today..November 1st..the start of a new month..

I reckon I had a good start…I had a very very “different” day today..=) I went out this afternoon for lunch to catch up with some of my friends from high school classmates.. I haven’t had the chance to do that even though they’re here for almost a year already because everytime they plan something, I have something else on..but not today! so i went to meet them, talked about anything n everything possible about life, our unis, updates on certain stuff…etc. made me miss our high school days..I’m glad we met’s been awhile..=)

Then after that, i went jogging at the park opposite my place with another friend of mine who I don’t normally hang out with…It was actually fun..walked, jogged (i cheated a little =P) and was good, ranting about how IMU is sucking the life out of me, how I’m slowing getting myself out of various social scenes and stuff..haha..then it was dinner, with nice seafood..I’m actually eating seafood out of Sabah…amazing! spent like an hour just hanging, chilling and talking bout random stuff like swimming, iphone, going to the beach, waterfalls and lain-lain..haha.. summary of the rest of the night, egg tarts + mamak + football.. awesome! =) thanks for bringing me’re cool to hang out with..Haha..

So yeah, a great start to a great month ahead.. To everyone who’s going through exams, all the best!! everyone who’s on holidays already, I don’t like you.. And to the KK people, I’ll see u all soon!! really really can’t wait to go back…47 more days! haha!

  1. Ivan says:

    u jogged?!?! omg am i hearing things? haha

  2. eunicepui says:

    hahaha..yes, yes…EH! last time in KK we always go to Tun Fuad in the morning what..sometimes I can’t wake up la but that’s not the point..i still went when I could…haha..long time no hear from u doing? =)

  3. Ivan says:

    U went too? i cant recall mayb cz i went when u didnt hahaha…
    im doing fine here…gonna hav my exam in a week’s time but cant focus cz keep touching my lappy. how bout u? how’re things going there? when u going back o? nvr find us de zzz

  4. drewz says:

    wth.. STOP CHANGING BLOGS. lol

  5. eunicepui says:

    Actually I just went like once or twice only..cos I was only back in KK for like a week only that time…haha! Having exams still going online?? memang the same Ivan that I know..haha! U still always go late for class? =P I’m doing good..stress la med school but surviving..I’m going back on 18th Dec!! will u be back? sorry la i nvr go back this year..haven’t been back since Jan..sigh~

  6. eunicepui says:

    Haha! I actually REALLY liked my Uber..but it closed down..=( If I could, I would..

    How r u doing la Andrew Lyn?? gosh…how long have I not seen you? haha…

  7. frances says:

    OI !!!
    when u going back to KK!? lol i can’t wait to see u all again lah =)
    i’m back dec 22-jan 4th.

  8. eunicepui says:

    U super cacat la u know?? go back for so short time only…actually me also la but it’s because I have exams so not counted…haha! i’ll be back on the 18th – 29th Dec..means i’ll get one week to hang out with u…that’s if ur not busy doing don’t know what else la..haha..Yay! can’t wait to go back and hang out with all u crazy people again…island anyone? =P

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