Just Me, Myself and I

Posted: November 6, 2008 in Of Life
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Today was super chill for me..lectures were postponed cos lecturer was on emergency leave..so I kinda took this opportunity to give myself a break as well, like going up to the surface to take some fresh air before diving down again..I slept until my phone rang, was from a friend in uni asking me to go for CF worship practice, got up, rushed to uni and practiced till about 12pm..got ready and headed out to Midvalley where I watched this movie called “10 promises to my dog” alone..it’s a good show, made me cry in the cinema..that’s a first =P

There’s this thing about watching movies alone..yeah sure, u get all these people looking at u funny when u walk in and its as if ur in a comic and u see the bubbles coming out of their heads..questions like “why she alone?”, “Got no friends is it?”, “Someone ditched her or something?”..etc. but u know what? I actually DO like watching movies alone..you don’t get ppl asking u what’s happening half way through, no one to distract u and no one talking to u..it’s cool, and I don’t need nobody to watch it with me, I’m secured..haha! so all those questions, don’t really matter..=)

It’s fun and happening having friends to hang out with and all, don’t get me wrong..i’m not turning into a loner or something, ok? haha..but there are jz some days where it’s good to hang out with yourself, spend some time alone, ask yourself some questions…like how often do u really ask urself how ur doing? I really enjoyed the whole afternoon of me being me..seriously. there was no expectations, no worries, no pressure, I felt really free..Haven’t felt so “burdenless” in awhile dy..so yeah, that was Eunice’s Day Out..nice! 

And a shout out to my brother all the way in Adelaide..Hope you’re having a great day..


really miss you *BIG HUG*

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