Med Students Have A Life Too

Posted: November 15, 2008 in Of Life, Of New Things
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Yes we do! We do not just bury our heads in books and live in the library although I know some people who would actually love doing that..=P So yea, I’m here to prove that we (medical students of the 21st century) do have fun too..doesn’t mean that we don’t study, cause we do..seriously. Don’t believe then it’s your problem..haha, pictures time!!


Woke up early in the morning to go jogging =)


The globe in Malaysia with no Malaysia on it..


View from the top..evening can see nice sunset =)


Then a bunch of us went for Dim Sum..yummm..


That’s Mei Yan and Ben.


Jun How, Adrian and Mark’s hand.


Yay! Medical students with a life…=P

After that we all headed back home and I made my way to the library..Going to uni on saturdays always give me a funny feeling..I’ve turned into a nerd…NOOO….I was in the library from 11smth till study study, then I got a little bored so started to take pictures..haha


The view from where I sat..It’s raining..emoooo


The super empty library…the only people who’re 

there are pharmacy student..exams soon..


And one more emo picture to end my library time..hehe

Then I went home, read newspaper, took a nap and just chill at home..That was my day! Quite a fruitful day i reckon…*smiles* A balanced, healthy life…=)

Friends… check!

Food… check!

Exercise… check!

Studies… check!

Very nice!!

  1. yogurt says:

    hey eunice! what a long time no see. anyway, you doing meds? where at? IMU? hows it going?

  2. eunicepui says:

    hey! yeah, im doing med in IMU..=) just started not too long ago so it’s still kinda new and bout u? ur in Aussie now rite? going back for christmas?

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