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Posted: December 24, 2008 in Of Life
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I’m home!! yeah..since last Thursday night.. and it has been good! I’m lovin’ it… Apart from the fact that I have to study everyday for my exam that’s like a week away =S and that I’m missing out on all the happening things in Acts, home is awesome! Sleeping on my king size bed again, going for early morning swims almost everyday, having home cooked food (which includes a range of pastries n stuff), being able to drive anywhere at anytime cos everything’s so near, meeting up with old friends n just hanging out the whole nite, talking and laughing about anything and everything..ahh, bliss. really miss hanging out with u all, things don’t ever seem to change yea when it comes to us..we’re really like family..haha =) 

the old farts united again tonight in KK cos most ppl are back already..will update more about that with pictures soon…for now, just thought i’ll post something to tell everyone that I’m still alive..haha! gotta go now, will be back again real soon..if not, then MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!! =D

14 days

Posted: December 5, 2008 in Of Life
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2 weeks till I…

  • am back in KK
  • am at home and sleeping in my own bed
  • see my parents and brother
  • can finally have a break from everything (except studying cos got exams after that..*sniff*)
  • get to hang out with people I haven’t seen for ages
  • am free from the stress and pressures that IMU is giving me
  • can be happier than I am now

I just can’t wait to go home…Please God, make time move faster…please.