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I hate this part right here..

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Sorry for using your song, Pussycat Dolls..

but I really do feel this way..I don’t like saying goodbyes, not before, not now when my family is going through such a hard time..I really wished there was something I could do, some way I could help, guess not..After a few weeks back on the east side, I’m really enjoying the family reunions, the good food, the slumber-ness, hang outs and I’m back on the west side more lazy days, no more family, no more astro, no more home cooked food, no more guitar…*sniff*

Was really sad to leave Kuching today, weather didn’t help..while i was waiting for the plane to take off, it was pouring outside…As the rain flowed, the tears did as well..was not easy to say those kinda goodbyes when you don’t know when you’ll see them again, if u know what I mean..So yeah, once again, life goes on, I’ve gotta do what I’m here to do…just wish my family is here with me..feel quite lonely sometimes when it’s just me and the four walls..

I don’t want to be emo, but I can’t help it…I wanna go home…

Kota Kinabalu

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Life in KK so far…has been boring relaxing…got nothing much to do here compared to if I’m in KL..over there almost everyday got something on, flyering, prayer service, homes, etc. so much fun actually and I’m quite bummed that I’m kinda missing out..KK is fine without me bah kan, haha..summore alot of my friends left dy so not alot of hanging outs to do…so what’s been happening?

1) I got sick
like really really sick..It all started on Wednesday, I got back from lunch and a movie with my high school friends and i crashed after that..Diarrhea and vomiting for 4 days non-stop (actually stopped vomiting after 2 days)..I slept for more than half a day on wed night..6pm-10am, so cool right? couldn’t get out of bed..haha..went to see the doctor already so now I’m on meds, feeling funny from time to time but much better dy…=) thanks for the prayers and “how are u doing?” on skype or msn..such awesome friends I have..hehe

2) Media Mania
I watched SO many movies, series and anime in the past week compared to the past month or so…I’m so full of them that I don’t even need to eat anymore..okay, too much exaggeration…but seriously…One Tree Hill & Gossip Girl new episodes, started watching Avatar since some of them said it’s good stuff, Forgetting Sarah Marshall (yucks!), Four Christmases (ok ok only), Australia (nice movie, I like.), The Rocker (super funny), Black Hawk Down (awesome!), Music and Lyrics (Pop goes my heart), Yes Man (haha), Be Kind Rewind (a waste of time). 4 episodes of drama series, 15 episodes of anime, and 8 movies in 6 days..I’m such a slacker…I’ve still got August Rush and The Kite Runner (I’m sorry I brought it all the way to KK Jophy, I’ll return it when I go back to KL, hehe)..will watch them in Kuching I guess..Ann Nyee can watch with me..haha =P

3) I got a haircut
Yeah…again…New year mah, must have new hair la…haha! I’ve got really short hair now, so not used to it..kinda miss my long messy emo hair, but then i think i still have my emo thing going on with this one..sigh~ don’t know what got into me…*sniff*

photo-85This is how short it is now…*cries*
Why Eunice, why??

So yeah, those are like the highlights of my week back here in KK…going off to Kuching tomoro evening..really hope my stomach will get better, all the kam pua waiting for me! *drools* 

Things I have to do in Kch:
– Hang out with Ann Nyee
– Finish COP report (yeah, haven’t done yet..=P)
– Eat kam pua!!! 

The list might get longer but for now, that’s all that I have in mind..haha! Here we go! 


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that’s what my past few days have been…Went for OA trip on the 9th-11th of’s was seriously awesome!! Totally different from my 1st trip, this time round, it was much harder, more tiring, more injuries and more goats..haha! but God’s presence was SO there…really wanna thank God for a great trip, with a great team…i really had so much fun..=) 

We met in Elder Joy’s house at 7am in the morning, did our final packing, had devotion then headed to this place in Kota Kemuning for breakfast..nice fish cake..haha! then we began our 4 hours drive all the way to Ringlet for lunch and met Pr Markus at his house..

p11505281This is Pr Donis’ son..SO cute!

Off to the hiking point..which was MUCH further than where all the other teams started because it rained 3 days non-stop and there were alot of landslides so the van couldn’t go in..we had to hike an extra hour to get to the “actual” hiking point..

p1150530Half an hour after we started hiking, my foot went into some mud which was really deep..
there goes my shoe, all wet n had a hole on the sole as well…*sigh*

After 4 hours of hiking with 5 stops, we finally reached Terlimau! it was already 6.45pm and we were all exhausted..rested a little before dinner time..then we had our 1st kebaktian..after that, balik, debrief, tidur..that night it was SUPER cold..everyone couldn’t sleep except me cos I tidur mati wan, nothing can stop me..haha! I did wake up a few times though to hide myself in the sleeping bag..found out the next morning that none of them slept cos it was SO cold..they were all shivering and trying to keep themselves kesian la..So on Saturday, children ministry…


The one in the middle is the blue suit baby..he’s a lil bit bigger now..haha


Then we went outside to play with balloons


SO cute lah!p11505791

Mark got bullied by one of the kids..he was trying to comb Mark’s hair..

p1150602The kids playing with some cars that they made themselves out of wood and don’t know creative kan? the tayar can come out wan sometimes..the one of the left has a jagung on it..

p11506071We saw some really cute puppies that we wanted to kidnap back home..
but Elder Joy said no..haha

p1150609Super cute kan? Like a baby…

 In the afternoon, we followed abang Bahpol to the other village called was another one and a half hours hike in and one and a half hours out..we went to visit a family there and had a mini kebaktian..on the way back, we were so motivated by the thought of “mandi sungai” then tiba-tiba it rained…crushed our hopes, so we walked in the rain all the way emo kan? =P i felt really disgusted that night cos haven’t showered since the day before so I went and shower in the toilet..was gross, lots of insects, water was like ice, but it was worth it la..felt so refreshed after that…

p1150631Sern Yi and I cooked dinner that night..we had 8 dishes!!! super awesome rite? haha!! 

p1150673Children ministry on Sunday morning…prayer time..=)

p11506671We fed them yummy they were all really good that morning..this is the lil brown boy..We were thinking of kidnapping him too and Elder Joy agreed but then we couldn’t fit him into our bags..oh well..

p11506811We said our last goodbyes and left Terlimau around 11.10am..*sniff*

It was another 4 hours plus hike out again but this time, I sprained my ankle…super alot of injuries lah me this time…but it was truly an unforgettable banyak lagi that I didn’t blog about…after we got a ride back to Pr Markus’ place and got our car, we went to Ringlet again for lunch..superb wild boar meat…*drools* after lunch, we went to the market near tanah rata, did some shopping and headed home…Super tired + deprived of shower + didn’t pangsai for 3 days = Champion! 

So yeah, that was like a summary of what we did during our OA im back in KK fast right? haha..I’m getting sick of traveling Monday I’m flying off to Kuching and then back to KL again on the 31st..AirAsia should really consider giving out some loyalty card or something..haha..good idea, right? =P


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Will be going off to Cameron Highlands again tomorrow..yeah, tell me about it…2 times in 2 weeks..crazy right?! haha..well, this time it’s not for holidays, it’s for OA..our mission trip. Really excited about going again..since it’s my 2nd time going, kinda know what to expect already but still, who knows la yea? Anything could happen, and I’m really expecting great things..Hope that we can go visit the other kampung as well..we’ll see how it goes..*fingers crossed* please keep us in prayers as we make our way in..much appreciated! =)

Right after that, I’ll be heading back to KK straight  and then to Kuching for CNY so I won’t be around in KL for like 3 weeks..gosh, im gonna feel so disconnected..=S oh well, shouldn’t think so far ahead yet..gotta focus on OA 1st…

Escaping? Hiding?
Call it whatever you like.
I want to get back there again,
to where it was just the two of us.
Nothing else mattered,
just You alone. 
Take me there again,
please God,
do You hear my heart calling? 


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Kau genggam tanganku
Saat diriku lemah dan terjatuh
Kau bisikkan kata dan hapus semua sesalku

Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidupku
Lengkapi diriku
Oh sayangku, kau begitu

Heard this song on the radio today, went home and youtubed it…and u know wat? I love it!! Super nice song la...Sempurna by Andra & The Back Bone..

[On the other hand]

I don’t wanna be like this but I can’t help but feel this way, it messes me up and it wouldn’t go away…no matter how hard I beg, plead for it to be gone, it’s still there…Questions, assumptions that came from nowhere, fills my head like there’s no tomorrow…it’s just life maybe? but i don’t want my life to be this way..why can’t things be simpler? why must everything be so complicated? Boy, am I glad that I’ll be away for 3 least I’ll get some time to clear my mind, get things right, get my heart fixed..I’ll be a better me when I get back..i hope.

It’s gonne be You and me time again…*goes into closet*


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It’s already the 3rd day of the new year, and honestly, I personally think that it hasn’t hit me yet that it’s the new year.. I can remember to write 09 behind dates in journals or notes, I know that I’m gonna be older this year, I know that I’m on holiday… maybe that’s why…The holidays…it messes up your mind…*eye twitch*

BUT! I’m having fun…=P Just got back from a 2 days trip to Cameron Highlands with a bunch of crazy awesome people..and was the greatest day of our lives!! haha..the whole trip was filled with eating, taking pictures, playing games, laughing..seriously, I’ve never laughed SO hard before…everyone was rolling on the floor in tears, stomach cramps..was super funny man..Thunder!! LOL so yeah, I reckon I had an awesome start to my year..=)

Now for my new year’s list of things to achieve…No new year’s resolutions for me, they never happen..haha..

1) Be a better person. Love my family, friends, not-so-friend-friends, more. Treat them like how I would want them to treat me.

2) Grow deeper in my walk. I think I’ve grown quite abit in 2008 and I’d want that to continue, don’t wanna stay put or go backwards but to move forward, to discover more things, to love God more each day, to understand what He has in stored for my life, to be able to be an encouragement to people around me, to love and care for the people that has entered my life one way or another, to be an example like it’s said in 1 Tim 4:12, I just wanna be more than what I already am..

3) Work harder in uni. I must admit that since my course started, I haven’t really been the “medical student” that I should be. Too playful for my own good, didn’t have a good balance between studies and fun. So this year, I want to be more consistent in my studies, get better grades, get my scholarship, work hard and play hard at the same time.

There should be more but the ones I’ve listed down are the more important ones.. I’ve got more written down but I think i’ll keep them to myself =P maybe next year if I’ve achieved them, I’ll tell you about’s that? haha..really looking forward to a fully awesome 2009 ahead!! *big smile*

I’ll add some pictures we took during Christmas like i promised..Go see the rest on facebook..haha