Posted: January 8, 2009 in Of Life, Of Personal
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Will be going off to Cameron Highlands again tomorrow..yeah, tell me about it…2 times in 2 weeks..crazy right?! haha..well, this time it’s not for holidays, it’s for OA..our mission trip. Really excited about going again..since it’s my 2nd time going, kinda know what to expect already but still, who knows la yea? Anything could happen, and I’m really expecting great things..Hope that we can go visit the other kampung as well..we’ll see how it goes..*fingers crossed* please keep us in prayers as we make our way in..much appreciated! =)

Right after that, I’ll be heading back to KK straight  and then to Kuching for CNY so I won’t be around in KL for like 3 weeks..gosh, im gonna feel so disconnected..=S oh well, shouldn’t think so far ahead yet..gotta focus on OA 1st…

Escaping? Hiding?
Call it whatever you like.
I want to get back there again,
to where it was just the two of us.
Nothing else mattered,
just You alone. 
Take me there again,
please God,
do You hear my heart calling? 

  1. joelv says:

    send my regards to Susan, please? Thanks Eunce! =P

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