Posted: February 11, 2009 in Of Life
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How are you doing up in heaven? I’m sure you’re really happy yea? I hope you could read this up might need some translation but I’m sure you can find someone who’s able to help you..We really miss you back here, but we’re glad that you’re in a better place now..Please send my regards to gung gung and po po if you see them ok? 

Can’t believe it was just less than a week since I saw you then you left us already..when I got the news, I was thinking to myself, what if I’ve stayed longer? since Monday was a holiday, why did I go back so early? I could have spent more time with you..I know I wouldn’t be of any help but I did enjoy sitting with you, helping you move your legs and just being there..You’re the first person that I’m close to who’s left..I guess it was just something new for me and I didn’t really know how to handle it..I prayed that night and asked God if you’re with Him and if you were happy..I felt peace after that..I guess I’m not really sad that you left cause you have lived 95 years and I don’t want to see you suffer any longer with your condition then, but I’m just really heavy hearted to let you go..I didn’t wanna cry but I couldn’t help it..

You’ve been an awesome grandfather to me and I really want to thank you for that..I’ve learnt so many things from you, like’ve never been stingy with the things you had..One thing that I remember is that you’re always giving out money, sweets, oranges, asking people to go eat..No one will ever go hungry when they’re with you..And I know you loved me a lot, thinking about how you learnt how to speak one phrase of english just to talk to me always bring tears to my eyes..I will always remember “Tomorrow eat mee?” and I still remember that I’d always tell you that I’ll treat you next time and you’ll always say “haiyo..when you start working, don’t know if Ngiu is still here..” and I always said “yes, you will..” but now you’re gone, and I still didn’t get to belanja you..that was the one thing that kept playing in my mind..i know it might sound silly but I really wanted to hold on to that thought of you still being around and me bringing you for noodles..

I know you might probably be worried about ngie ma..we are too..but I know that she’ll be fine..Both of you have raised up really great children and I’m sure that they will look after ngie don’t worry ok? I promise to always keep an eye out for her as well..Many of them might have already told you, but I’m here to give you my word..I’m studying to become a doctor now and I know you’re already very proud of me..I promise to work hard, get really good grades and be the best that I can be..I won’t let you down..And when I start earning money, I will bless others, pay for meals, give to the needy..just like you did..

I’m very glad that you’re my ngiu..I’m really scared that one day I’ll start to forget how you looked like but you will always be in my heart no matter what..It still saddens me that I didn’t get to be there when you left but I know I’ve got to move on..that’s what you would want for all of us yea? I guess that’s it..just wanted you to know that I really miss you, I’ll see you again one day, and I love you.

Your grand-daughter,

  1. vinod says:

    my sincere condolences sis…

  2. fran says:

    hey girl…

    so sorry to hear about the news…
    that was such a touching letter;
    i’m sure ur grandfather knows how very much u love him and miss him.
    just remember you’ll see him again one day =)


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