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Eunice Pui v2.0

Posted: March 26, 2009 in Of Life, Of New Things
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so here I am right…Spending the first 40 minutes of my birthday studying about B-lymphocytes and the humoral response..and the rest of the hour writing this blog post…awesome start, Eunice..just awesome..=P

well, these past few days, quite alot of ppl have asked me “so how does it feel to be growing another year older?” or “how’s it like not being a teenager anymore?” or something along that line..and my answer to all of them was “Honestly, I don’t know..” seriously, I don’t..cos i haven’t had time to even think about getting older or being 20..there’s SO much things going on recently that I don’t even have time to sit down quietly and think about what’s next..(got quiet time to pray and read bible la but that’s another story altogether)

So this would be my attempt to answer those questions and give myself some “thinking time”….

#1 : NO..this couldn’t be..I’m not turning 20…stop bluffing..
#2 : Why is my “1” bending down?! stand up straight!! *smashes no.2 like there’s no tomorrow*
#3 : Please lah..make my birthday later can? make everyone forget my age,please…??
#4 : Sigh~ can’t do anything about it dy la…I’m an old fart..*cries*
#5 : Actually being 20 is awesome!! Think about all the possibilities..Woohoo!!

OK, that was my became the 5 stages of birthday grief..haha..I tried…..Epic Fail. It just hasn’t really sunk in yet that I’m a year older now..maybe when I start feeling it I’ll blog about it ok? for now, I’ll just take my chill day as it comes..Thanks for all the wishes and msgs that’s keeping me awake at 1:22am you guys rock, u know that? =D

That was home.

Posted: March 22, 2009 in Of Life
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Just got back from a super AWESOME trip to KK for Revolution..about 700 plus young people packed up CCC and we had an awesome time! check this out if you don’t know what i’m talking about..Right now, feeling really tired (was a long long weekend but was worth it), happy (that Revo KK went so well and so many ppl were touched and blessed), abit emo (cause I really miss home)..just a whole load of emotions all mixed together..I think I should just go to sleep then maybe i’ll be better tomorrow..I don’t know why I always feel like this when I come back to KL from’s not like it’s my first time here or anything..sigh~

So yeah…exams are coming up real soon..really feeling very stressed and stretched..Gotta focus already this coming few weeks..

Need. To. Do. Well.

U-turn is on as well..Will be praying and believing for a miracle..I really need one. REALLY.

I Need You

Posted: March 12, 2009 in Of Life, Of Personal
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SO little time, SO much to do..

1) got AIR topic to finish by end of this month.
2) Summative 2 is coming up in April
3) EOS in May (Major exam..=S)
4) Revo is in about a week’s time
5) CPR Practical Exam on the 28th

I really don’t know how I can do this without You. There’s still so much more actually, but these few are the major ones.. Have been feeling very quite stressed out lately, feel like I can’t catch up with my studies, worried bout how I’ll do in my end of semester exam, and I’ve got so many more other things to handle, to look after and gets scary at times and I feel like just giving up..sometimes I wake up in the morning, having no motivation what so ever cause it feels like the day ahead is so super heavy and I’ll somehow drown, crash or burn..but I find strength not from the things I see or myself, but in the One that’s greater than anything or anyone I’ll ever know..In Him, I find my courage to stand, to face my future and to believe.

I know that some people might say that how I’m living right now is crazy and probably stupid but then I can’t imagine myself without all these..Life would be SO boring eh? I can’t say that it’s easy for’s really not..but I’m determined to pull through, praying for a miracle to happen, and waiting for my testimony..Heard from someone recently that “God puts us through tests so that He can give us testimonies” so here we go!

Holy Spirit, teach me how to…

Goodbye 2

Posted: March 3, 2009 in Of Life
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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have 2 funerals in less than a month? Step into my shoes and you’ll know.

My uncle passed away last Saturday, 28 February 2009, at 6pm after battling cancer for a few months..Refer to 2 post before this and you’ll know my grandpa just passed away in February also..I’ve never been in a harder situation compared to this, seriously. Being in IMU is already a very very tough thing to deal with, some more with the juniors’ orientation (where I’m an orientation officer), and with another 7 weeks till my exams, all the PBLs, Labs, catching up with studies and on top of that, 2 funerals?!?! Someone really wants to kill me I think..Please stop this prank right now, I beg you..I’ll be good, I promise..PLEASE.

My uncle’s life was an awesome he came back to God and totally depended on Him was truly inspiring and I’m really glad to know that now he’s in a much better place and that he didn’t have to suffer the pain any longer..One of the last few memories I have of him was when I went back to Kuching for Chinese New Year in January..he was already in ALOT of pain then, he couldn’t get out of bed and was really weak..but he knows how much I love to eat the stewed pork that he made, so he asked me one day if I want it to be the dark sauce one or just the pork cooked and eat with soya sauce..I was so shocked that he asked me cause I didn’t know what to answer..he can’t cook already so what was I supposed to do? I thought about it for awhile and told him that I like the dark sauce one and told him that he didn’t have to cook for me because auntie is already preparing it..she was actually, so that made him happy..I really wanted to help him as much as I could..I did more leg lifting, wheel chair pushing and stuff like that..couldn’t do much but I’m glad I did..Never would’ve gotten the chance to do so again if I didn’t..

The other thing that made me cry everytime I think about it is the whole scene when I said goodbye to him on the day I left Kuching..I didn’t wanna breakdown or anything like that that but when I said “Ni Gio, I’m leaving..” I started sobbing like a baby…He cried as well and that was the first time I’ve seen him cry in my whole entire life..that made me cry even more..I gave him a hug, told him that I’ll be praying for him, ask him to take care and then I left..and that was the last time I saw him.

“Ni Gio, I know that you’re already in heaven with Ngiu and Duai Gio..You are truly and greatly missed back here..I really wished I could’ve done something to made you feel better, maybe even saved you..but I couldn’t..I’m glad that you don’t have to suffer all the pain that the cancer is giving you anymore but on the other hand, it’s hard to lose someone you love..I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it back for your funeral, I really wanted to be there with the family but it was too rushed and I have a test today..I know you’d understand..I admire you for being so strong in spite of everything that has happened to you, and how you learnt to pray and cry out to God everytime you were in pain or needed comforting..I know you asked God to take you back home and He did..I’m really gonna miss you, see you again someday ok?”

As for me, I’ll just have to keep my head up, my spirit strong and face whatever’s coming my way with a big smile on my face and a bigger God by my side..Truly “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

*thank u everyone for the sms-es, skype msgs, calls, prayers and don’t know how much that means to me..really appreciate it.