I Need You

Posted: March 12, 2009 in Of Life, Of Personal
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SO little time, SO much to do..

1) got AIR topic to finish by end of this month.
2) Summative 2 is coming up in April
3) EOS in May (Major exam..=S)
4) Revo is in about a week’s time
5) CPR Practical Exam on the 28th

I really don’t know how I can do this without You. There’s still so much more actually, but these few are the major ones.. Have been feeling very quite stressed out lately, feel like I can’t catch up with my studies, worried bout how I’ll do in my end of semester exam, and I’ve got so many more other things to handle, to look after and stuff..it gets scary at times and I feel like just giving up..sometimes I wake up in the morning, having no motivation what so ever cause it feels like the day ahead is so super heavy and I’ll somehow drown, crash or burn..but I find strength not from the things I see or myself, but in the One that’s greater than anything or anyone I’ll ever know..In Him, I find my courage to stand, to face my future and to believe.

I know that some people might say that how I’m living right now is crazy and probably stupid but then I can’t imagine myself without all these..Life would be SO boring eh? I can’t say that it’s easy for me..it’s really not..but I’m determined to pull through, praying for a miracle to happen, and waiting for my testimony..Heard from someone recently that “God puts us through tests so that He can give us testimonies” so here we go!

Holy Spirit, teach me how to…

  1. siauying says:

    Yup let’s go!

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