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Technical Difficulties..

Posted: April 30, 2009 in Of Change, Of Life
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Updating from KK…Am on study break now..Why do they even call it a break when it’s actually not a break? I’m sleeping at 3 or 4am every night, can’t sleep well cos I’m worried, feeling super stressed out cos I don’t know what to do, trying to cramp everything I can into my little brain, and the worst thing is…


This. It’s right outside my house..and everyday when I’m TRYING very hard to memorise or remember something, they’re banging away..”The cardiac cycle is…*BAM!*” And there’s another one right beside it, they’re widening the roads right outside my house..and on top of that, my genius neighbour’s doing renovations…how awesome right? Due to these technical difficulties, I have to go back to KL earlier than the actual time..Next monday I’ll be flying back dy..*sniff* will miss my bed and the good food..

Besides all this exams stuff, banyak lagi going on in my mind..

Last Sunday was like a huge turning point in my life…Won’t go into details but during evening service, half way through the message I was already tearing..(Pr Andy did a great job that night, thanks!) and during the altar call, I was crying buckets dy..God spoke so clearly to me and I really felt like alot of my burdens were lifted off..Just felt like someone finally understands how I feel, the stress, pressure, disappointments, He knows…

He also told me about something else in my life, something that requires me to die to myself, something that I had to decide there and then if I’d obey, it’s so serious that it’s serious..everything was SO real that day, I don’t know why but I just couldn’t stop crying..not even to sing the last praise song..Don’t think I’ve ever cried that long in a public place before..I guess it didn’t matter cos I still had “stuff” that He wanted to deal with..and now, I have decided. So it’s all cool..I know I might have confused you, I’m sorry, maybe one day when everything works out, I’ll share ok? =)

So yeah, that’s a little update on what I’ve been up to..actually just so that I know I’m alive and not insane yet.. =P Here’s to another one week plus of crazy studying, late nights and zombies! Bring it on……


Posted: April 20, 2009 in Of Life
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The previous post made me sad.

It’s gone to blog heaven now.

2 days till summative and honestly…I’ve never been so stressed out in my whole entire life..

I was in the library today longer than I’ve ever been in the past 9 months..

Today, I cried. Didn’t know I was that weak.

I wished it was easier but wishes don’t come true.

It’s 11:30pm now, I don’t plan to sleep till 3am or 4am.

I’m gonna go study. Bye.

Was having a really long and tiring week…It was Nursing week for my batch..(don’t simply think about other things now..i know how u all function..haha) Nursing week is where we, the students go to 2  different hospitals for a day each and observe what the nurses do..hence, nursing week..but basically, it was go hospital, see whatever u wanna see, follow the nurses around and stone most of the time..

Day #1 – Port Dickson Hospital. It’s about one and a half hours away from here..a small little hospital with only 4 wards..very quiet that hospital but the worst part’s SO hot!! like seriously…no air conds at all, the fans were moving at like power 1 or smth and everyone was sweating like crazy..what kinda crappy environment are they giving to the patients la..? if im not sick i go there also feel like i’m gonna get sick..sigh~ really made me think about “Theme Hospital” the game where u can build your own hospital..I wanna do didn’t get to see or do much that day..just did our “walk abouts” and talked to some patients..So, what did i get out of this trip? One, I wanna build a nice hospital with air conds and nice beds, good ventilation and get good nurses who actually entertain students who’ll come for their nursing week. (haha!) Two, I’m quite convinced to go into pediatrics considering the way some of the doctors and nurses handled the, feel so sorry for them lah..Three, Malaysian hospitals need some seriously.

Day #2 – Seremban Hospital. It’s nearer this time..about an hour away only..Can’t say that it’s awesome but definitely better than the PD hospital..It’s bigger, 8 floors and alot of wards..BUT, still no air cond!!! I tell you….M’sian weather already hot enough, some more so many people in one little ward, so many nurses and doctors running to breathe la? Almost couldn’t take it when the nurse was telling us about all the charts and stuff..the only thing that was going through my mind was “I don’t really care bout the charts anymore..hurry up and finish..I wanna faint dy..” other than the environment, it was quite a fruitful day I to see alot of interesting cases which i don’t think i’ll go into details about and I think I did learn quite abit today..I think it’s good that they let us go for this kinda things, makes the things we read about kinda come to life for awhile, lets us feel what it’s like and if you like it, then you know you’re at the right place..After this trip, I’m still convinced about we’ll see how la many years from now whether I’ll really go into that..haha..

So yeah, that’s about my trips to the hospitals..ask me more about what I saw if u really wanna know..some are REALLY interesting..haha! =P

Also, since like a few weeks ago..i started having this sudden obsession with clouds..I think it’s because of the rainy days that KL actually has blue skies and the clouds actually look nice on some days..for me, it’s like having  a new piece of art to look at every changes every single day and u wouldn’t know what to expect every right? think about it..