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Like It Or Not

Posted: May 30, 2009 in Of Life, Of New Things
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Year 2009, has been a very very challenging year for me thus far…I’ve been hit several times by huge “waves” and I’m glad to say that I’m still alive and well..I’m still going through some really crazy stuff but I know I’ll come out of this stronger than before and I really believe that there are things that I have to learn through all this..

So many things that I have to give up, to reflect and to work on..It’s been really really tiring..many times I feel like just giving up, throw in the towel but then again, I wouldn’t wanna go through life knowing that I didn’t try my best..So I will fight on, I’ll live my life to the fullest, try my best to do my best and never forget about my calling..I’ll never give up on my faith and beliefs no matter what, doesn’t matter how I’ve been hurt or what life has to throw on me, I won’t ever, ever give up..that’s a promise.

Just in case you’re blur and have no idea what I’m talking about…it’s alright.. I’m just going through a really rough patch in my life, haven’t gotten out of it yet but I know I will..soon. I’ve never experienced this before so it’s something new and I have to learn how to handle it on my own since my family not here but then I’m super grateful and blessed with really awesome leaders and friends who’s been encouraging me and making sure that I don’t sink into the worms-eating stage, keeping me sane and helping me to bounce back up again..thanks so much, I owe you guys big time..=) and you, who’s always saving me right on time and probably don’t even know it, thanks.

So yeah, just a short update..Probaby won’t update again until July..June will officially be my blog-sabbath month..yay! =P

The Best

Posted: May 20, 2009 in Of Life
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What’s life?
What’s it made of?
What’s important to you?
What do you think is more important than anything else?

Since the holidays started, I’ve been having abit more time to do the things that I wanna do, hang out with people that I wanna hang out with, go to some places that can just get my mind off everything else that don’t matter and all…this Friday, it’s results day..and after that, it’s either I continue on with this chilling life, helping out in the office, just relax and stuff OR I go back to the stress-ness of studying every minute I’m awake and sleeping 2/3 hours per day..I REALLY hope that I’ll pass, but you know what? It’s done…I can’t do anything anymore, just believe…Anyways…

Have been spending time with my brothers this past 2 weeks cos Gabriel’s here for training and Abel’s just…here. We went for dinners, just talk, laugh, catch up with one another and I must say, it’s really fun and I really miss having the 3 of us together..We can just talk about so many things, we get each other’s joke and it’s just non stop laughter..that’s something I wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world..I can’t believe it but I actually do miss the “go help me get drinks”, “get more sauce”, and all the other orders..feels like we’re back in Kali Garden again where it’s just 3 of us everyday at lunch time..really thankful for an awesome family who I know will be there supporting and loving me no matter what happens…i think i can only say that so confidently when it’s my family..I don’t think I know anyone else who would do the same..

And that was what led me to the questions at the beginning of the post..What matters most to you? Apart from my faith, God and all that, I’d say my family..They have known me since the day I was born, they know me inside out..Even though we do fight and sometimes don’t talk to each other but I think that’s one of the things that made us so close, things that we can look back at and laugh..I know I’m much younger than both my brothers and sometimes I do feel kinda left out but then I know they love me and that they’ll look out for me no matter what..They’re my koko’s and no one messes with me when they’re around..=P

Thanks for everything Ko and Abel. You’re the best brothers I could ever ask for and I’m very happy to have the both of you.. =)


Posted: May 16, 2009 in Of Life
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Sorry I haven’t been updating..was SUPER busy during the exams and after exams, just felt really lazy..even I just wanna say..


yeah, that’s all..have a great weekend people =P

Found Myself

Posted: May 4, 2009 in Of Life
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I know I’m supposed to be studying but I couldn’t resist not blogging about my day.. I’ll have a short self-proclaimed break in between the endocrine system and reproductive system to quickly write about what happened..hehe..=P

Went to Skyline this morning and Pr Philip preached an awesome message about the cross and the 8 different views..Gave me a whole new meaning to the phrase “take up your cross and follow me”..and it ties in so perfectly with what I’ve been told last week..I really think it’s divine appointment that I was here today to hear that..=) Got lotsa encouragements and good words from some of the pastors and leaders in church as’s good to be back..

After church we went downstairs for lunch and u know what that means…Five Sails! woohoo! Great place to eat but u know what? really made me miss Frances and Nadia alot..we used to always go there together..have our own “teens” table (not the kids table) where we’ll talk about our week, the guys we liked, gossip bout other ppl (haha..) and all those kinda fun stuff..then we’ll go to Frances’ place to chill before going to the beach and we’ll go crazy in the car or at the house (Sot Squad!!) man, really really miss those times la..don’t know if any of you both are gonna read this but just so you know, I really miss hanging out with the both of you..catch up soon? =)


Look at that…Nice hot sun


That’s where we ate..right next to the if u don’t like someone on your table,
just throw them into the pool..haha..kidding kidding…

After that, went home to study for awhile and around evening time, I went to the myself.. hehe, bought some keropok lekor and sugar cane juice and went for a nice long walk..Was a good time chilling, listening to the waves crashing, watching kids playing in the water and all part is that I got to let my mind relax for awhile and had a nice long chat with the Big Guy up there..told Him my frustrations, my desires, some of the things that has been bothering me, asked Him all kinds of questions and was a good time..had so much fun chilling with my best friend =)


The sunset today..not the best I’ve seen but still..
It’s the sunset..haha


The waves..


All in all, I had a great day..Going back to KL tomorrow and the Crazy Week before exams starts…will be sleeping late, trying to not commit suicide, having caffeine overdose, and all that jazz..We can do this!! EOS, bring it on…

I found myself today..I felt the joy, the peace..I came to a place where I’m able to say, no matter what happens, I’ll still follow Him, serve Him and love Him..and I know that it’s all according to the plans He has for me..I felt safe, I know that He’s with me and I found a home for this heart..Thanks for an awesome day, Dad.