The Best

Posted: May 20, 2009 in Of Life
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What’s life?
What’s it made of?
What’s important to you?
What do you think is more important than anything else?

Since the holidays started, I’ve been having abit more time to do the things that I wanna do, hang out with people that I wanna hang out with, go to some places that can just get my mind off everything else that don’t matter and all…this Friday, it’s results day..and after that, it’s either I continue on with this chilling life, helping out in the office, just relax and stuff OR I go back to the stress-ness of studying every minute I’m awake and sleeping 2/3 hours per day..I REALLY hope that I’ll pass, but you know what? It’s done…I can’t do anything anymore, just believe…Anyways…

Have been spending time with my brothers this past 2 weeks cos Gabriel’s here for training and Abel’s just…here. We went for dinners, just talk, laugh, catch up with one another and I must say, it’s really fun and I really miss having the 3 of us together..We can just talk about so many things, we get each other’s joke and it’s just non stop laughter..that’s something I wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world..I can’t believe it but I actually do miss the “go help me get drinks”, “get more sauce”, and all the other orders..feels like we’re back in Kali Garden again where it’s just 3 of us everyday at lunch time..really thankful for an awesome family who I know will be there supporting and loving me no matter what happens…i think i can only say that so confidently when it’s my family..I don’t think I know anyone else who would do the same..

And that was what led me to the questions at the beginning of the post..What matters most to you? Apart from my faith, God and all that, I’d say my family..They have known me since the day I was born, they know me inside out..Even though we do fight and sometimes don’t talk to each other but I think that’s one of the things that made us so close, things that we can look back at and laugh..I know I’m much younger than both my brothers and sometimes I do feel kinda left out but then I know they love me and that they’ll look out for me no matter what..They’re my koko’s and no one messes with me when they’re around..=P

Thanks for everything Ko and Abel. You’re the best brothers I could ever ask for and I’m very happy to have the both of you.. =)

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