I Like.

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Of Life, Of New Things
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Just now while I was walking back from uni, I suddenly remembered something my friend wrote on his blog quite some time back about how people always know what they don’t like and when you ask them what they do like, they don’t really know..such negativity..so I thought, maybe I should start being positive..In my quest to become a better me, I shall be more positive..So I decided that from today onwards, I’ll try to purposely notice things that I DO like, and could thank God for..there are many, but we just don’t take time to think about it..instead we spend maybe 85% of our brain capacity thinking about things that we don’t and we complain..so, why not be more positive, right?

Really random thought but I’m gonna do it. I think it’ll make me a happier person. =)

  1. Good on you. A year or two ago I decided to stay positive about everything and I can honestly say I’m the better for it.

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