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A quick one.

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Of Life, Of New Things
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It’s the last half an hour of the last day of November 2009..which means exactly 25 days to Christmas and 28 days to my major exams..I don’t think I’m on time with my studying all but I’ll trust and believe for the best because I know that He wants to give me the best..really hope and pray that everything will turn out fine..or more than fine..

December this year will be a whole new experience for first time spending Christmas away from home, away from my family..really don’t know what to expect..there are a few invitations here and there but I thought everyone spend Christmas with their families wan? don’t know lah..maybe KL is different..we’ll yeah, will update again soon if I find the time to..will be heading to Kuala Kubu Baru next Monday to Wednesday for clinical rotations..I DON’T WANNA GO……but no choice. sigh~ I hope I’ll survive to tell the story..=P till then, adios!



Posted: November 16, 2009 in Of Life, Of Personal, Things From My Heart
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Do you have one? I’m sure you do..everyone has at least one dream..and for me, I think I have quite a few..Some are on the more material side like I wanna own a nice house one day where I can see the sunset and take pictures everyday (and that includes me owning a nice DSLR =P) while others are more on the spiritual/personal side like…nah, I won’t say..but yeah, was just thinking about my dreams and how I’m being molded and shaped to get to that’s not easy, seriously, but I think I’d rather go through it all than not..hmmm..still on one of those random thinking sessions..=P

Just had my summative on Friday…was quite hard but then I did my best and I’m just gonna leave the rest to God..tried something new this time, something I learnt from church not too long ago..I claimed God’s best for my life and asked Him for peace and really just relied on Him..I’ve never gone for an exam being this calm before..seriously. so yeah, will update again when I get my results..hopefully I’ll get the testimony I’m asking for 😉

“Delight yourself also in the LORD, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” Psalms 37:4

Lord, You know all the desires of my heart..whether or not I’ve told anyone, You know. So help me to delight myself in You, prepare me for the things that are in my “list” and help me live a life worthy of my calling. Thanks! =)


Tiada Seperti-Mu

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Of Personal
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This song has been playing on my iTunes for the past few days..really meaningful and really encouraging..just thought I’d share it..I’m alive and well by the way, just in case you’re wondering..=)

Anug’rahMu kepadaku, tak pernah berubah
PerbuatanMu terlukiskan dalam hatiku

Tercengangku dibuatMu, kagum padaMu
Tak ada hal di hidupku terluput dariMu

Kau indah, Kau mulia, tiada sepertiMu
Kuingin hidupku menyenangkan Mu

Kau terawal dan terakhir
Pencipta sgalanya
Sluruh bintang pun bersinar oleh ucapanMu

Engkau pun mengasihiku, penulis hidupku
Tak henti segenap nafasku menyembahMu slalu

Kupuji, Ku sembah, tiada sepertiMu
Kuingin hidupku menyenangkanMu

Sgala puji, sgala hormat, segnap hatiku menyembahMu
Terimalah segnap hidupku sbagai persembahan yang hidup

Bukan kehendakku, namun kehendakMu
Hidupku bagiMu

Kau indah, Kau mulia,
kuingin hidupku menyenangkan Mu