hi·a·tus – day #0.5

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Of Life

I am home!! so good to be back in KK.. =)

So my flight was delayed…again. Air Asia *shakes head*, but once we touched down, it’s all good..home sweet home. KK hasn’t changed much, or maybe I just haven’t been to those new places yet..oh well, I’ll have 2 weeks to go “explore”..

I’m on a twitter break. Don’t ask me why, I just am..I’ll be blogging though, cos I foresee lots of pictures coming, esp when I get to Kuching where Isaac is at.. =P

so yeah, first few hours here and I’m already enjoying it..tomorrow, will be the start of my daily morning swims, gotta lose some weight while I’m here! hehehe..(try to get a tan while I’m at it =P) I wonder who’s still around..hmmmm..shall find out tmr =D

over and out.

  1. gabriel says:

    More YoYo..
    More Astro..
    More Shake legs..
    More Enjoy..
    before you go more boring place… Serembang! hahahaha….

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