hi·a·tus – day #1

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Of Life


(1) swimming – woke up early to go swimming today, yay! will continue doing this for the rest of the time I’m here *muka bersemangat*

(2) Jamie’s food revolution – so I managed to catch it today during lunch time..it’s pretty amazing what he’s trying to do in America..even I felt disgusted just looking at the amount of unhealthy food people are consuming and hearing stats about people dying early, so saddening..wanna watch the next episode tomorrow..I hope it’s on like everyday..is it?

(3) parents – I like the way my parents work together..they’re such a good team, I realised. maybe that’s what’s cultivated from 30 plus years of marriage, pretty cool I should say. We’ll all get there someday, and I hope I’ll be as happy as they are.

++ it can’t possibly be THAT accurate a coincidence..I just can’t get it off my mind..tell me what I should do?


[if you haven’t already noticed, all of the things I talked about, are just random stuff from my day. I just want to…keep track.]

  1. gabriel says:

    lu must be very bored.. write this kind of random thing la.. hahaha.. i just wasted 34min talking to u on the phone on bo liaw bo liaw eh topic.. jia lat..

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