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Eunice Pui v2.0

Posted: March 26, 2009 in Of Life, Of New Things
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so here I am right…Spending the first 40 minutes of my birthday studying about B-lymphocytes and the humoral response..and the rest of the hour writing this blog post…awesome start, Eunice..just awesome..=P

well, these past few days, quite alot of ppl have asked me “so how does it feel to be growing another year older?” or “how’s it like not being a teenager anymore?” or something along that line..and my answer to all of them was “Honestly, I don’t know..” seriously, I don’t..cos i haven’t had time to even think about getting older or being 20..there’s SO much things going on recently that I don’t even have time to sit down quietly and think about what’s next..(got quiet time to pray and read bible la but that’s another story altogether)

So this would be my attempt to answer those questions and give myself some “thinking time”….

#1 : NO..this couldn’t be..I’m not turning 20…stop bluffing..
#2 : Why is my “1” bending down?! stand up straight!! *smashes no.2 like there’s no tomorrow*
#3 : Please lah..make my birthday later can? make everyone forget my age,please…??
#4 : Sigh~ can’t do anything about it dy la…I’m an old fart..*cries*
#5 : Actually being 20 is awesome!! Think about all the possibilities..Woohoo!!

OK, that was my became the 5 stages of birthday grief..haha..I tried…..Epic Fail. It just hasn’t really sunk in yet that I’m a year older now..maybe when I start feeling it I’ll blog about it ok? for now, I’ll just take my chill day as it comes..Thanks for all the wishes and msgs that’s keeping me awake at 1:22am you guys rock, u know that? =D

Just Me, Myself and I

Posted: November 6, 2008 in Of Life
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Today was super chill for me..lectures were postponed cos lecturer was on emergency I kinda took this opportunity to give myself a break as well, like going up to the surface to take some fresh air before diving down again..I slept until my phone rang, was from a friend in uni asking me to go for CF worship practice, got up, rushed to uni and practiced till about ready and headed out to Midvalley where I watched this movie called “10 promises to my dog”’s a good show, made me cry in the cinema..that’s a first =P

There’s this thing about watching movies alone..yeah sure, u get all these people looking at u funny when u walk in and its as if ur in a comic and u see the bubbles coming out of their heads..questions like “why she alone?”, “Got no friends is it?”, “Someone ditched her or something?”..etc. but u know what? I actually DO like watching movies don’t get ppl asking u what’s happening half way through, no one to distract u and no one talking to’s cool, and I don’t need nobody to watch it with me, I’m secured..haha! so all those questions, don’t really matter..=)

It’s fun and happening having friends to hang out with and all, don’t get me wrong..i’m not turning into a loner or something, ok? haha..but there are jz some days where it’s good to hang out with yourself, spend some time alone, ask yourself some questions…like how often do u really ask urself how ur doing? I really enjoyed the whole afternoon of me being me..seriously. there was no expectations, no worries, no pressure, I felt really free..Haven’t felt so “burdenless” in awhile yeah, that was Eunice’s Day Out..nice! 

And a shout out to my brother all the way in Adelaide..Hope you’re having a great day..


really miss you *BIG HUG*