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The end of life; the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism.
denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.
We know all these so well, but when it hits you, everything fails, nothing makes sense.
“it’s okay” is not okay, all you can and want to do is get rid of the pain, no matter what it takes.
Crying, shouting, loud music, even quietness, just don’t work.

The period of existence, activity, or effectiveness of something.
Waking up in the morning, still breathing, hearing your own heart beat in the silence, signs of life.
What are we doing with “life”?
Holding grudges, being emo, not forgiving, complaining..basically, wasting.

I’ve learnt so much about life through death. you’ve taught me so much.
To live, to love, to cherish..
To be sincere, to be all that I can be, to make every moment count.

I may not know you personally, but through the stories, pictures, videos, I really wished I did.
Seeing how you lived your life, made me wanna live mine better.
Hearing about everything that you’ve done, made me think about how much more you could have done.
Looking at all the lives you’ve impacted, made me wonder how many people I have touched.
Being at your memorial with so many people, I wonder how many people would be at mine.

“Hey Joash, just wanna let you know that I’m really blessed by your life and even though you’re gone now, you’ll forever be in each and every one of our hearts. I don’t know how long more I have to live, but you’ve definitely made me wanna live better. Thanks for that. I really hope that I’ll meet you one day in Heaven.”

Encouraged. Inspired.
By someone I’ve met probably only once.

“When you get a right perspective on death, you’d get a right perspective on life.”

In loving memory of Joash Wee.

It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged..doesn’t mean that I have nothing happening or nothing to say..just too many things happening and no time to say..Well, just thought I should let u all know that I’m well and doing fine..going through a lot lately but am learning how to manage myself, others, expectations, time, and all that jazz….

Things off my mind that I can remember and are significant enough to be on this post.

1) Had a good lunch with Elder Shirley recently..talked about alot of things that have been on my mind and my heart..some of which I’ve been keeping to myself for the longest while..It did feel really good getting it off my chest and just clearing some things up..felt really encouraged to continue on with this “fight” and am looking forward to an amazing future..

2) Elder Shirley’s huddle girls had a meet up/catch up/hang out/secret mission outing the other night..I haven’t laughed so hard in such a long time, had SO much fun..we should do it again yea? hehe…Thanks so much for that night out..was super stress-free and for that few hours there, I got to get my mind off the things that have been on my proud and blessed to part of this awesome family! =)

3) Yesterday, got the chance to go to Taylor’s CF to share about CampusRevo..that was cool..Could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, am glad I went..and IMU HOMEs was awesome too last night..I thoroughly enjoyed myself..laughed so much and everyone did SO well!! so proud of you all!! really believing that IMU Homes will explode soon! *smiles*

4) got another picture of my nephew-to-be from my brother yesterday. This time can see his head, nose and he’s quite big already..looks more like a human than a tadpole..=P but it’s all the more personal when I’m learning about the development and all, and I get updates about one that’s going on..It’s so amazing..I don’t know how to explain this feeling..everytime I think about this, I want to do better..for them. The picture is my phone’s wallpaper now, ask me to show you if you wanna see..

I think that’s all..summarized version of my week..will update again soon. I promise =)

“I don’t want to think that it could happen when it wouldn’ here’s another one of my “form-less” dream, please hover over it.”

When It Rains…

Posted: August 20, 2009 in Of emo-ness, Of Life
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it pours…cats, dogs, elephants, whales…whatever. Everything seem to just go the other way..And if you could tell by now, yeah, I just had one of the suckiest day ever. I won’t go into exact details but I decided to “talk” to my problems as if they’re actual human beings..Give them a piece of my might think I’m crazy but I’m not..maybe, just maybe I’ll feel better after this..

1) you’re really killing me…throwing everything at me all at once..I really feel like I’m drowning, I can’t take any of this anymore.. Please stop before someone actually dies or something…There’s something called time management and I hope that you’ll pick that up and there’s also something called that before trying, might be a little too hard for you..I’m sorry for being mean, I just strongly dislike you..

2) I’m sorry things went that way..I don’t take it seriously but maybe sometimes, some things just mean more than it should..So I’m just gonna let it slide..Maybe it doesn’t even bother you or it wasn’t even an “issue”, and I don’t think it should if that’s the case, awesome..Let’s just move on with life..

3) you’re the devil in my life…you think you’re super smart and super awesome in every way but guess what? you’re NOT. you can’t even count for goodness sake, and you talk to us as if we’re worthless piece of crap that you HAD to “impart” to? puh-lez… I know you know alot, and you’re far more experienced but there’s one important thing that you might lack..A HEART. What’s the use of scolding and shouting when you can just tell it nicely? What’s with the calling of names? How would you feel if someone called you hopelessly hopeless, stupid, liar, idiot?? Start treating people the way you want them to treat you can or not? always telling people about respect and humility..but in reality, there are 4 fingers pointing back at yourself..Learn something from Michael Jackson ok? He’s starting with the man in the mirror, and I suggest that you do that too..

Thanks to all of those contributors, today was not a good day for me..And you know in life, there’s always this one person that you can always turn to, go to, no matter what in the world happened? someone you’re just so comfortable with that you won’t even bother if that person wants to hear you out or not, you’ll just go ahead anyways? I call these people “bins”..not that they take crap or whatever but they’re just there whenever you need them and you’ll throw everything at them and it’s fine..everyone needs a bin..and I just found out today, that I don’t really have one..well, I used to have one but things change and people change so yeah, now I don’t..but it’s alright, my blog’s here all the time..maybe this is my new bin? hmmm….

yeah, we’ve got no time..My most over-used phrase since sem 3 started is “got no time to poop also, where got time to (insert whatever activity that’s fun)?” it’s so true..we’ve really got no time…so much to study, so much to memorise and exam’s coming in less than a month’s time..sigh~ Here we go again…just that this time round, it’s much tougher…

recently, I’ve been on a mission..Someone told me that I should always compare myself to me..and try to beat myself and be better than me…That’s what I’ve been doing, letting myself get stretched beyond belief, not backing down when I know I can opt to, not giving up when I feel it’s so much easier that way..just believing that even through this process of molding and shaping, that at the end of the day, Eunice Pui would be a better person, inside out. I just wanna be a better me.

So many things happening this few weeks, some more significant than others but I’ve learnt so much, experienced so much, felt so much..There were times when I felt super happy, other times when I felt relaxed, free, like everything that’s bothering me just evaporated, there were also nights where I just can’t sleep, thinking about everything and my mind’s on overdrive..and not too long ago, I felt something new..I remember how I used to tell God “break my heart for what breaks Yours”..yeah, I felt it..hard..the tears that I held back, the anger right after, the disappointment and loneliness I felt, then the acceptance after that..knowing that it’s your decision at the end of the day and I can’t do anything to change it..Gave me a whole new meaning to the word “friends” actually..SO many things, SO MANY….

well anyways, I finally decided to spend some time blogging so I did..not much but good enough..haha! I think I wanna go watch The Proposal alone..I think I will..yes, I will..hehe..good night everyone!

Eunice Pui v2.0

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so here I am right…Spending the first 40 minutes of my birthday studying about B-lymphocytes and the humoral response..and the rest of the hour writing this blog post…awesome start, Eunice..just awesome..=P

well, these past few days, quite alot of ppl have asked me “so how does it feel to be growing another year older?” or “how’s it like not being a teenager anymore?” or something along that line..and my answer to all of them was “Honestly, I don’t know..” seriously, I don’t..cos i haven’t had time to even think about getting older or being 20..there’s SO much things going on recently that I don’t even have time to sit down quietly and think about what’s next..(got quiet time to pray and read bible la but that’s another story altogether)

So this would be my attempt to answer those questions and give myself some “thinking time”….

#1 : NO..this couldn’t be..I’m not turning 20…stop bluffing..
#2 : Why is my “1” bending down?! stand up straight!! *smashes no.2 like there’s no tomorrow*
#3 : Please lah..make my birthday later can? make everyone forget my age,please…??
#4 : Sigh~ can’t do anything about it dy la…I’m an old fart..*cries*
#5 : Actually being 20 is awesome!! Think about all the possibilities..Woohoo!!

OK, that was my became the 5 stages of birthday grief..haha..I tried…..Epic Fail. It just hasn’t really sunk in yet that I’m a year older now..maybe when I start feeling it I’ll blog about it ok? for now, I’ll just take my chill day as it comes..Thanks for all the wishes and msgs that’s keeping me awake at 1:22am you guys rock, u know that? =D


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It’s already the 3rd day of the new year, and honestly, I personally think that it hasn’t hit me yet that it’s the new year.. I can remember to write 09 behind dates in journals or notes, I know that I’m gonna be older this year, I know that I’m on holiday… maybe that’s why…The holidays…it messes up your mind…*eye twitch*

BUT! I’m having fun…=P Just got back from a 2 days trip to Cameron Highlands with a bunch of crazy awesome people..and was the greatest day of our lives!! haha..the whole trip was filled with eating, taking pictures, playing games, laughing..seriously, I’ve never laughed SO hard before…everyone was rolling on the floor in tears, stomach cramps..was super funny man..Thunder!! LOL so yeah, I reckon I had an awesome start to my year..=)

Now for my new year’s list of things to achieve…No new year’s resolutions for me, they never happen..haha..

1) Be a better person. Love my family, friends, not-so-friend-friends, more. Treat them like how I would want them to treat me.

2) Grow deeper in my walk. I think I’ve grown quite abit in 2008 and I’d want that to continue, don’t wanna stay put or go backwards but to move forward, to discover more things, to love God more each day, to understand what He has in stored for my life, to be able to be an encouragement to people around me, to love and care for the people that has entered my life one way or another, to be an example like it’s said in 1 Tim 4:12, I just wanna be more than what I already am..

3) Work harder in uni. I must admit that since my course started, I haven’t really been the “medical student” that I should be. Too playful for my own good, didn’t have a good balance between studies and fun. So this year, I want to be more consistent in my studies, get better grades, get my scholarship, work hard and play hard at the same time.

There should be more but the ones I’ve listed down are the more important ones.. I’ve got more written down but I think i’ll keep them to myself =P maybe next year if I’ve achieved them, I’ll tell you about’s that? haha..really looking forward to a fully awesome 2009 ahead!! *big smile*

I’ll add some pictures we took during Christmas like i promised..Go see the rest on facebook..haha





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I’m home!! yeah..since last Thursday night.. and it has been good! I’m lovin’ it… Apart from the fact that I have to study everyday for my exam that’s like a week away =S and that I’m missing out on all the happening things in Acts, home is awesome! Sleeping on my king size bed again, going for early morning swims almost everyday, having home cooked food (which includes a range of pastries n stuff), being able to drive anywhere at anytime cos everything’s so near, meeting up with old friends n just hanging out the whole nite, talking and laughing about anything and everything..ahh, bliss. really miss hanging out with u all, things don’t ever seem to change yea when it comes to us..we’re really like family..haha =) 

the old farts united again tonight in KK cos most ppl are back already..will update more about that with pictures soon…for now, just thought i’ll post something to tell everyone that I’m still alive..haha! gotta go now, will be back again real soon..if not, then MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!! =D