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It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged..doesn’t mean that I have nothing happening or nothing to say..just too many things happening and no time to say..Well, just thought I should let u all know that I’m well and doing fine..going through a lot lately but am learning how to manage myself, others, expectations, time, and all that jazz….

Things off my mind that I can remember and are significant enough to be on this post.

1) Had a good lunch with Elder Shirley recently..talked about alot of things that have been on my mind and my heart..some of which I’ve been keeping to myself for the longest while..It did feel really good getting it off my chest and just clearing some things up..felt really encouraged to continue on with this “fight” and am looking forward to an amazing future..

2) Elder Shirley’s huddle girls had a meet up/catch up/hang out/secret mission outing the other night..I haven’t laughed so hard in such a long time, had SO much fun..we should do it again yea? hehe…Thanks so much for that night out..was super stress-free and for that few hours there, I got to get my mind off the things that have been on my proud and blessed to part of this awesome family! =)

3) Yesterday, got the chance to go to Taylor’s CF to share about CampusRevo..that was cool..Could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, am glad I went..and IMU HOMEs was awesome too last night..I thoroughly enjoyed myself..laughed so much and everyone did SO well!! so proud of you all!! really believing that IMU Homes will explode soon! *smiles*

4) got another picture of my nephew-to-be from my brother yesterday. This time can see his head, nose and he’s quite big already..looks more like a human than a tadpole..=P but it’s all the more personal when I’m learning about the development and all, and I get updates about one that’s going on..It’s so amazing..I don’t know how to explain this feeling..everytime I think about this, I want to do better..for them. The picture is my phone’s wallpaper now, ask me to show you if you wanna see..

I think that’s all..summarized version of my week..will update again soon. I promise =)

“I don’t want to think that it could happen when it wouldn’ here’s another one of my “form-less” dream, please hover over it.”

The Best

Posted: May 20, 2009 in Of Life
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What’s life?
What’s it made of?
What’s important to you?
What do you think is more important than anything else?

Since the holidays started, I’ve been having abit more time to do the things that I wanna do, hang out with people that I wanna hang out with, go to some places that can just get my mind off everything else that don’t matter and all…this Friday, it’s results day..and after that, it’s either I continue on with this chilling life, helping out in the office, just relax and stuff OR I go back to the stress-ness of studying every minute I’m awake and sleeping 2/3 hours per day..I REALLY hope that I’ll pass, but you know what? It’s done…I can’t do anything anymore, just believe…Anyways…

Have been spending time with my brothers this past 2 weeks cos Gabriel’s here for training and Abel’s just…here. We went for dinners, just talk, laugh, catch up with one another and I must say, it’s really fun and I really miss having the 3 of us together..We can just talk about so many things, we get each other’s joke and it’s just non stop laughter..that’s something I wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world..I can’t believe it but I actually do miss the “go help me get drinks”, “get more sauce”, and all the other orders..feels like we’re back in Kali Garden again where it’s just 3 of us everyday at lunch time..really thankful for an awesome family who I know will be there supporting and loving me no matter what happens…i think i can only say that so confidently when it’s my family..I don’t think I know anyone else who would do the same..

And that was what led me to the questions at the beginning of the post..What matters most to you? Apart from my faith, God and all that, I’d say my family..They have known me since the day I was born, they know me inside out..Even though we do fight and sometimes don’t talk to each other but I think that’s one of the things that made us so close, things that we can look back at and laugh..I know I’m much younger than both my brothers and sometimes I do feel kinda left out but then I know they love me and that they’ll look out for me no matter what..They’re my koko’s and no one messes with me when they’re around..=P

Thanks for everything Ko and Abel. You’re the best brothers I could ever ask for and I’m very happy to have the both of you.. =)


Posted: December 24, 2008 in Of Life
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I’m home!! yeah..since last Thursday night.. and it has been good! I’m lovin’ it… Apart from the fact that I have to study everyday for my exam that’s like a week away =S and that I’m missing out on all the happening things in Acts, home is awesome! Sleeping on my king size bed again, going for early morning swims almost everyday, having home cooked food (which includes a range of pastries n stuff), being able to drive anywhere at anytime cos everything’s so near, meeting up with old friends n just hanging out the whole nite, talking and laughing about anything and everything..ahh, bliss. really miss hanging out with u all, things don’t ever seem to change yea when it comes to us..we’re really like family..haha =) 

the old farts united again tonight in KK cos most ppl are back already..will update more about that with pictures soon…for now, just thought i’ll post something to tell everyone that I’m still alive..haha! gotta go now, will be back again real soon..if not, then MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!! =D

So I said i’ll post “next month” and it’s here already…SO FAST…2 more months and it’s bye bye 2008, hello 2009..I’ll be in Sem2, turning 20 (yay! hehe..) and having a nice month of holiday as the start of my much nicer can it be? *smiles* so well anyways, now that I’m still in 2008, i shall come back to today..November 1st..the start of a new month..

I reckon I had a good start…I had a very very “different” day today..=) I went out this afternoon for lunch to catch up with some of my friends from high school classmates.. I haven’t had the chance to do that even though they’re here for almost a year already because everytime they plan something, I have something else on..but not today! so i went to meet them, talked about anything n everything possible about life, our unis, updates on certain stuff…etc. made me miss our high school days..I’m glad we met’s been awhile..=)

Then after that, i went jogging at the park opposite my place with another friend of mine who I don’t normally hang out with…It was actually fun..walked, jogged (i cheated a little =P) and was good, ranting about how IMU is sucking the life out of me, how I’m slowing getting myself out of various social scenes and stuff..haha..then it was dinner, with nice seafood..I’m actually eating seafood out of Sabah…amazing! spent like an hour just hanging, chilling and talking bout random stuff like swimming, iphone, going to the beach, waterfalls and lain-lain..haha.. summary of the rest of the night, egg tarts + mamak + football.. awesome! =) thanks for bringing me’re cool to hang out with..Haha..

So yeah, a great start to a great month ahead.. To everyone who’s going through exams, all the best!! everyone who’s on holidays already, I don’t like you.. And to the KK people, I’ll see u all soon!! really really can’t wait to go back…47 more days! haha!