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Posted: December 9, 2009 in Of Life, Of New Things
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Was internet-less the past 4 days cos I was away in Kuala Kubu Bahru Hospital doing my rotations..It’s somewhat like a camp, had to stay there for 4 days and 3 nights, but not really also, don’t know how to many things happened there and I don’t wanna flood twitter or facebook so just blog about it lah..=)

I survived :

4 days…
– without a proper bed, pillow and blanket.
– of cold baths, lots of sweat and no air-cond
– with 6 other awesome people in a room
– of mosquitoes attacking me, even with repellent on
– of minimal studying =(

3 days…
– “working” in the hospital..clerking patients, talking to them and doing physical examinations
– stalking pregnant ladies hoping that there will be a delivery so that we can watch
– stalking A&E for interesting cases
– eating almost every kind of food they had in the town. well, that was fun..let me elaborate..we went to town, and walked around the whole area looking for good stuff and trying out almost everything..we had ice-cream (which was not that great), waffles (so-so), taufu bakar (was ok, sotong was nice), kaya puffs & tau sar piah (yummy!), and some dai chau place with annoying music where we went for 2 nights straight..
– irritating nurse Rita and giving her headaches =P
– seeing Dr Lim and learning from her..”Luck, and Enthusiasm” *with both fist up in the air* her famous phase.

There was/were:
– 2 mat rempits who got into a very bad accident and gave us the chance to see awesome suturing..
– 5 patients who let us do physical examinations on them
– 2 patients with really interesting findings
– 1 gecko that scared Dr Lim like mad and woke everyone up this morning
– 1 waterfall outing that was totally random and it wasn’t really a waterfall but we had fun
– 1 long night of chit-chatting, with a lot of interesting “findings” 😉
– many awesome friendships made, memories to keep and experiences to share

All in all, I’d say it was quite a good trip even though I really wanted to go home so badly on the first day..even thought of running away..haha! but yeah, I think it opened up my eyes and mind to a lot of things which will not be shared here and I really do appreciate the time we spent together, just doing what we have to do and having fun at the same time..=)

Now it’s back to life and reality = EOS in 2 and a half weeks time. ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!