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Kota Kinabalu

Posted: January 18, 2009 in Of Change, Of Life
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Life in KK so far…has been boring relaxing…got nothing much to do here compared to if I’m in KL..over there almost everyday got something on, flyering, prayer service, homes, etc. so much fun actually and I’m quite bummed that I’m kinda missing out..KK is fine without me bah kan, haha..summore alot of my friends left dy so not alot of hanging outs to do…so what’s been happening?

1) I got sick
like really really sick..It all started on Wednesday, I got back from lunch and a movie with my high school friends and i crashed after that..Diarrhea and vomiting for 4 days non-stop (actually stopped vomiting after 2 days)..I slept for more than half a day on wed night..6pm-10am, so cool right? couldn’t get out of bed..haha..went to see the doctor already so now I’m on meds, feeling funny from time to time but much better dy…=) thanks for the prayers and “how are u doing?” on skype or msn..such awesome friends I have..hehe

2) Media Mania
I watched SO many movies, series and anime in the past week compared to the past month or so…I’m so full of them that I don’t even need to eat anymore..okay, too much exaggeration…but seriously…One Tree Hill & Gossip Girl new episodes, started watching Avatar since some of them said it’s good stuff, Forgetting Sarah Marshall (yucks!), Four Christmases (ok ok only), Australia (nice movie, I like.), The Rocker (super funny), Black Hawk Down (awesome!), Music and Lyrics (Pop goes my heart), Yes Man (haha), Be Kind Rewind (a waste of time). 4 episodes of drama series, 15 episodes of anime, and 8 movies in 6 days..I’m such a slacker…I’ve still got August Rush and The Kite Runner (I’m sorry I brought it all the way to KK Jophy, I’ll return it when I go back to KL, hehe)..will watch them in Kuching I guess..Ann Nyee can watch with me..haha =P

3) I got a haircut
Yeah…again…New year mah, must have new hair la…haha! I’ve got really short hair now, so not used to it..kinda miss my long messy emo hair, but then i think i still have my emo thing going on with this one..sigh~ don’t know what got into me…*sniff*

photo-85This is how short it is now…*cries*
Why Eunice, why??

So yeah, those are like the highlights of my week back here in KK…going off to Kuching tomoro evening..really hope my stomach will get better, all the kam pua waiting for me! *drools* 

Things I have to do in Kch:
– Hang out with Ann Nyee
– Finish COP report (yeah, haven’t done yet..=P)
– Eat kam pua!!! 

The list might get longer but for now, that’s all that I have in mind..haha! Here we go!