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On the first day of 2010…

I saw the first sunrise of the year. A bunch of us went up Broga Hill and it was awesome! Not a very challenging climb except that there were alot of people who were there with the same intention so we were stuck in human jam..Was the first to reach the first peak (3 peaks in total), and was super glad that I got there on time to catch the sun rise (I cheated a little on some parts, I ran up =P)..It meant SO much to me..Can’t really express how I felt at that moment but the significance, overwhelmed me a little..just standing there, taking a deep breath while the sun crept up, I was ready…ready to leave things behind, ready to cross over, into something new, into the unknown..but one thing I’m sure and I felt it right there and then, I’m loved.

2010, will be my last year in more year for me to see change, to impact someone’s life, to be different, to make a difference. Am I ready? I don’t know. I want to be. “Prepare me for what lies ahead, everything’s so uncertain but I know You have it all planned out, You know where this is going, help me stay on track.”

2010, I’ll be 21..the beginning of the “best years of my life” so they say..I hope I start well, I hope I can look back at this year and say I’m proud of myself..I’m sure there will be alot of changes,  things added into my life (like responsibilities and stuff la, stop thinking otherwise =P), things subtracted, multiplied and divided. It’s time to grow up, mentally, spiritually and emotionally..and to stop monkey-ing around..time to be more serious! haha.. “Please make me the person You want me to be, this year, help me be better..A better daughter, sister, friend, disciple, leader, classmate, etc. I want Your best for me.”

Just a few pictures I took..nice place..would love to go again soon..Happy New Year everyone..=)

It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged..doesn’t mean that I have nothing happening or nothing to say..just too many things happening and no time to say..Well, just thought I should let u all know that I’m well and doing fine..going through a lot lately but am learning how to manage myself, others, expectations, time, and all that jazz….

Things off my mind that I can remember and are significant enough to be on this post.

1) Had a good lunch with Elder Shirley recently..talked about alot of things that have been on my mind and my heart..some of which I’ve been keeping to myself for the longest while..It did feel really good getting it off my chest and just clearing some things up..felt really encouraged to continue on with this “fight” and am looking forward to an amazing future..

2) Elder Shirley’s huddle girls had a meet up/catch up/hang out/secret mission outing the other night..I haven’t laughed so hard in such a long time, had SO much fun..we should do it again yea? hehe…Thanks so much for that night out..was super stress-free and for that few hours there, I got to get my mind off the things that have been on my proud and blessed to part of this awesome family! =)

3) Yesterday, got the chance to go to Taylor’s CF to share about CampusRevo..that was cool..Could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, am glad I went..and IMU HOMEs was awesome too last night..I thoroughly enjoyed myself..laughed so much and everyone did SO well!! so proud of you all!! really believing that IMU Homes will explode soon! *smiles*

4) got another picture of my nephew-to-be from my brother yesterday. This time can see his head, nose and he’s quite big already..looks more like a human than a tadpole..=P but it’s all the more personal when I’m learning about the development and all, and I get updates about one that’s going on..It’s so amazing..I don’t know how to explain this feeling..everytime I think about this, I want to do better..for them. The picture is my phone’s wallpaper now, ask me to show you if you wanna see..

I think that’s all..summarized version of my week..will update again soon. I promise =)

“I don’t want to think that it could happen when it wouldn’ here’s another one of my “form-less” dream, please hover over it.”

Yes we do! We do not just bury our heads in books and live in the library although I know some people who would actually love doing that..=P So yea, I’m here to prove that we (medical students of the 21st century) do have fun too..doesn’t mean that we don’t study, cause we do..seriously. Don’t believe then it’s your problem..haha, pictures time!!


Woke up early in the morning to go jogging =)


The globe in Malaysia with no Malaysia on it..


View from the top..evening can see nice sunset =)


Then a bunch of us went for Dim Sum..yummm..


That’s Mei Yan and Ben.


Jun How, Adrian and Mark’s hand.


Yay! Medical students with a life…=P

After that we all headed back home and I made my way to the library..Going to uni on saturdays always give me a funny feeling..I’ve turned into a nerd…NOOO….I was in the library from 11smth till study study, then I got a little bored so started to take pictures..haha


The view from where I sat..It’s raining..emoooo


The super empty library…the only people who’re 

there are pharmacy student..exams soon..


And one more emo picture to end my library time..hehe

Then I went home, read newspaper, took a nap and just chill at home..That was my day! Quite a fruitful day i reckon…*smiles* A balanced, healthy life…=)

Friends… check!

Food… check!

Exercise… check!

Studies… check!

Very nice!!

Just Me, Myself and I

Posted: November 6, 2008 in Of Life
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Today was super chill for me..lectures were postponed cos lecturer was on emergency I kinda took this opportunity to give myself a break as well, like going up to the surface to take some fresh air before diving down again..I slept until my phone rang, was from a friend in uni asking me to go for CF worship practice, got up, rushed to uni and practiced till about ready and headed out to Midvalley where I watched this movie called “10 promises to my dog”’s a good show, made me cry in the cinema..that’s a first =P

There’s this thing about watching movies alone..yeah sure, u get all these people looking at u funny when u walk in and its as if ur in a comic and u see the bubbles coming out of their heads..questions like “why she alone?”, “Got no friends is it?”, “Someone ditched her or something?”..etc. but u know what? I actually DO like watching movies don’t get ppl asking u what’s happening half way through, no one to distract u and no one talking to’s cool, and I don’t need nobody to watch it with me, I’m secured..haha! so all those questions, don’t really matter..=)

It’s fun and happening having friends to hang out with and all, don’t get me wrong..i’m not turning into a loner or something, ok? haha..but there are jz some days where it’s good to hang out with yourself, spend some time alone, ask yourself some questions…like how often do u really ask urself how ur doing? I really enjoyed the whole afternoon of me being me..seriously. there was no expectations, no worries, no pressure, I felt really free..Haven’t felt so “burdenless” in awhile yeah, that was Eunice’s Day Out..nice! 

And a shout out to my brother all the way in Adelaide..Hope you’re having a great day..


really miss you *BIG HUG*