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What a day…

Posted: July 21, 2009 in Of Life
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I’ve been getting alot of headaches lately, sometimes even when I just woke up..anyone has any idea what’s happening to me? sigh~ well, I just had one of the longest and most tiring day ever…let me break it down for you..

7.30am : woke up, showered, had breakfast and did my quiet time.
8.30am : went to uni for study group..BUT no one was I read the newspaper then started studying on my own..
9.30am : 2 of my friends came so we started studying the heart together, all the arteries and veins, tried to identify them..
11.00am : went for lunch cos if we go later, the cafeteria will be packed and none of us like that..haha
12.00pm : finished lunch and went back to the library to study some more
1.15pm : went to the lecture theater for the orientation video shoot..took us a long time to shoot just less than 2 mins of footage.
1.40pm : Lecture 1 started..was already falling asleep due to the “excitement” and “fun”
2.40pm : Lecture 1 ended, fell asleep.
2.45pm : Lecture 2 started and it wasn’t any better..lecturer was talking nonsense and taking his own sweet time..then he realised that he’s super behind schedule and started rushing through the rest of the other 20 slides or so..what the…….
4.00pm : Lectures ended, rushed straight for ourselves one of the “best” lecturer in IMU..once he came in, started shouting at us..telling us about respect and how he’s the boss and we shouldn’t make him wait for us and stuff..then he gave us the case and told us to speak up cause otherwise he’ll think that we’re stupid and he said PBL’s a good place to make then we spoke up, and he said we’re idiotic and that we shouldn’t make mistakes cos it’ll cost us someone’s life in the O.M.G.!! what is his problem?!?! that’s why we’re called STUDENTS….gosh..he kept saying that we should be thankful about him teaching us with his 40++ years of experience but seriously, someone’s gotta come back down to earth for hello? we’ve only started our 2nd year like 3 weeks ago, how are we supposed to know as much as you?? We really felt so demoralised and angry after the PBL, who do doctors think they are?!?
5.30pm : PBL ended, I decided to go grocery shopping to clear my head out..bought super alot of stuff and had a crazy time carrying all the bags back to my house..regretted buying so much..
8.00pm : finished dinner, finished writing report to be handed up tomorrow..continue studying
10.00pm : I’m exhausted and I felt like ranting so I’m here..typing this whole thing out…

To sum it up, I had a BAD day…looking at the things I wrote, I think everyone knows who caused it…that PBL lecturer…sigh~ I hope tomorrow will be a better’s gotta be…please? I’m already dreading friday when we have our PBL it okay to pray that someone will get sick? hehehe…..

Wow, a new post after a buhzillion years..I’m SO sorry peoples, have been really really really busy..Semester 3 in IMU is killing me, crazy timetables and schedules, and lotsa stuff happening in church as well..explains the disappearing act..Well,I don’t think I can tell you all EVERYTHING that has happened but I’ll give a rough summary of the most exciting things ok?

  1. I’m going into week 4 of semester 3 and I feel like I’m already lacking behind in my studies..(what am I still doing here then? yeah, I’m wondering also..=P)
  2. I had super bad cough last week..cough until stomach muscles so painful (building my abs according to eld shirley..haha) and cough until my voice gone..went to the clinic on Friday to make sure it wasn’t H1N1..and yeah, I’m cleared..yay!
  3. I helped a bunch of my friends do a review on Transformers 2 while I was on my break..Check it out here.
  4. A team of us went for Revo @ Segi College Kota Damansara last Friday and it was awesome!! God really moved and we had about 14 salvations and 20+ responses..Praise God!
  5. I really feel like a nerd now cause this coming week’s actually quite free in terms of church activities n stuff, and I’m really excited to be able to catch up with my much nerdier can one get? sigh~ IMU changed me..It’s really becoming me..(I am you..? No?)
  6. Had our clinic visitations last 2 weeks..Really enjoyed myself with the group that I went with..had so much fun chilling at the mamak outside the hospital, talking about our lives and sharing different thoughts, riding in my friend’s super chun BMW, listening and talking about songs that we like..etc. had a great time guys, thanks!
  7. I experienced revival. (Can’t really describe it..words just won’t do justice)

So that was more of like, most of the interesting things that happened to me this past few weeks or months..things that i can still remember la at least..haha! Don’t know when i’ll be free again to post but thought I’ll just drop by to let everyone know I’m alive and kicking..woohoo!!